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Catch 33 is an experimental artist and synthesizer whose music transcends boundaries and captivates listeners with emotive, otherworldly experiences.

Catch 33 is an exaggerated play on his infatuation with the idea of Catch 22.

33 also happened to be the age at which he debuted his first release, “One More Last Night”, after 21 years of composing and editing music in the background for other artists such as Hero The Band, LP, Vedo, J. Holiday, and Musiq Soulchild to name a few.

He says, “[Catch 22’s] are everywhere you look, both positive and negative. Quite often, our desires come with baggage we cannot yet foresee. Conversely, our struggles make way for opportunities we may not see at first glance.”

From a young age, he embraced his insatiable curiosity and love for music and learning, drawing inspiration from diverse disciplines, philosophies, genres, and cultures. His Father (a band director, and music producer himself) imparted invaluable knowledge which fueled his passion for the craft, while his Mother instilled the importance of listening to his intuition.

He reflects,

Spoken language in today's society forces you to rush through, and generalize your true intentions. This can lead to semantics-induced confusion as we all perceive different words differently, based on our engrained belief systems. Music can provide the extra context needed to preserve those raw intentions so they don't get lost in translation. Feelings and ideas don't always have words. They're frequency first, then we apply filters (words) to those frequencies to label them... Music bypasses that filter, weaves in between the gradients, and I believe it's the language of the Universe.

Open-mindedness and nonconformist values made him vulnerable to the side-effects of social exclusion early on in his life. This ultimately lead to periods of deep depression as he struggled to find his place in the world. Through music, he found solace and a means to transform those deep emotions into relatable pieces of art that resonate with the core of human existence.

Ultimately, Catch 33 says “…the music is not about me, or my identity as a person as much as it’s about expressing the otherwise suppressed broader emotions that connect us as humans. It’s about preserving pieces of our story.”

His music, driven by euphoric melodies and hybrid sound textures, takes listeners on multidimensional journeys that explore the connective tissue that binds humanity – the human condition.

Catch 33 invites audiences to join him on this transformative journey, where introspection meets sonic exploration.