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As we take pride in our sense of awareness, we can lean so far into our intuition that we may forget to reason – which paradoxically stifles our true awareness.

In this prideful state, we begin piling assumptions (potentially baseless) on top of one another… forming (potentially baseless) conclusions… that cause us to feel and act in certain ways.

As we seek more context by using logical reasoning to reinforce the claims of our intuition, we gain a more full and true awareness.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Intuition and logic are more of a dichotomy to be appropriately balanced in any given situation, than an “on/off switch”.

This mental framework tends to help me balance the two:

Intuition acts more as a general guide or sense of direction, while logic zooms in and gives you specific directions. It’s Art and Science – estimations and calculations.

Disclaimer: This content is for entertainment purposes only. These are simply my thoughts and perspectives at the time of this writing, relative to my life experiences and observations. I acknowledge that as my awareness grows, my opinions and perspectives are likely to shift as well. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt, and by all means, think for yourself. I have no professional background in psychology or philosophy whatsoever, and I do not claim to be competent enough to give you specific life or mental health advice. Nothing in this post should be considered life, or mental health advice. Please consult a professional mental health expert for any mental health advice.

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